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Get personalized “couples therapy” for you and your business. This might sound crazy, but once you start a business, you’re in a relationship with it. If that relationship isn’t meeting your needs, growth and profitability will be difficult, if not impossible. If growth has stalled and every day feels like a slog, it’s time to heal the rift before you get to the breaking point.

Done-for-You Copywriting

Get done-for-you copywriting and strategic brand positioning consulting for your women’s health product, app, or service. Priority goes to FemTech and menopause-related niches. Improving the quality of women's health across the board is important but these two niches are underserved. It's time to fix that. If your product improves the quality of women’s lives, complete this form to start the process.

Group Classes

Join the waitlist for upcoming group coaching classes. Topics vary but may include: Position Your Product for Success, Develop Your Brand Voice, Create an Inspiring USP, Heal Your Money Story, Creativity for Entrepreneurs, and Copywriting Makeover. Your vote helps choose the next topic!

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In-person Retreats

Get away from it all to relax and focus on the next stage of growth for your business. You're the heartbeat of your business. If the business is going to grow, you have to put yourself first. Each day of the retreat is themed for a single goal and includes an activity, work time, meal time, and relaxation time around that theme.

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