Melanie Warren is a marketing strategist and direct response copywriter who helps businesses build online communities that attract, engage, and retain high lifetime-value customers.

Her clients include Rolling Stone Culture Council, Forbes Councils, Titanides Mentoring Collective and The Community Company.

Melanie uses a unique combination of direct response copywriting, buyer psychology and behavioral design theory to craft compelling copy and high-converting funnels.

She also has 19 years experience teaching to all ages, from preschool to adult education.

She has taught breast cancer gene research to regular folks, Algebra to people with math allergies, and nutrition to kids who would rather eat Doritos.

Melanie’s unique "teach to sell" approach has sold over 3 million dollars in high-ticket professional services and seminars for her clients.

She’s the author of The 9 Buyers System: How to Increase Sales by Answering Your Customer’s 9 Hidden Questions, available on Amazon.

She’s also the creator of the 9 Buyers System and Action Cue Formula to help businesses connect with their ideal customers.


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Melanie Warren is an incredibly talented teacher, trainer, and strategic thinker. She was a big part of the success of the "Harvard of Copywriting" Training for Money Map Press.

I asked Melanie (our Queen of Education) to dive deep into the Titanides teachings and trainings and help us define and name our unique system. Because sometimes I cannot see the forest for the trees.

Melanie went into her creativity cave and came back with a powerful system that captures our mission and goals perfectly. Not only that, but she (of course) came up with a kick ass name for it as well.

Marcella Allison


Melanie Warren has unique and immensely valuable insights into customer psychology. Couple that with her top tier copywriting skills and you’ve got a massive advantage with her in your corner.

Kevin Rogers


I watched Melanie Warren’s video and downloaded her ebook, and used that information to write some Facebook ads for my client. Last I checked, they had already made about $1100 off $100 ad spend.

Michael Campos

Fitness Copywriter

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