Stop Grinding Out the Business You’re “Supposed” to Want and Start Building a Business You Love

Get personalized strategic marketing and mindset coaching to accelerate business growth with less stress, even if you have limited time and an ever-growing list of things begging for your attention.

Hi, I’m Melanie Warren. Over the last 8 years, I’ve advised and coached women entrepreneurs at pivotal moments in their businesses and lives. 

Here’s what I’ve seen: 

If you’ve struggled to scale your business through massive effort, “big hairy audacious goals,” or 10X-ing everything–and you’re not getting the results you want–it’s not your fault.

These strategies are based on a flawed model that says working harder is supposed to translate into sustainable growth. 

But what it leaves out is the critical success factor: You.

Your Unique Business Growth Style

Following the old “work is everything” model poses 3 major risks.

1- It severely limits the potential growth you can enjoy. 

2- It leaves your business vulnerable to collapsing under its own weight.

3- It leaves you at risk for personal and professional burnout. 

What’s the solution?

Every person has a unique way they interact with their business. I call it a Business Growth Style (BGS).

And like a fingerprint, no two are alike.

Following the old “work is everything” model severely limits the potential growth you can enjoy.

It leaves your business vulnerable to collapsing under its own weight.

And it leaves you at risk for personal and professional burnout.

That’s why I work with women entrepreneurs to discover their personal BGS and help you:

  • Reignite the joy you once felt in your business
  • Discover a clear direction to grow your business in alignment with your personal values
  • Develop confidence and resiliency in the face of uncertainty and changing market conditions
  • Discover your authentic leadership style (not the one people “think” you should have)
  • See where the money is really going (you’d be surprised!), heal your Money Story, and build a pathway for financial growth
  • Learn how to navigate family responsibilities and emotional barriers as a business owner (hint: it has nothing to do with balance)

A Bit About Me

My life and business experience as a coach, marketing strategist, direct response copywriter, and mother of 5 (yes, 5!) gives me a unique perspective.

I’ve used my motivational interviewing skills and trauma-informed tools to help women:

  • Get an uncommon edge to spot hidden opportunities
  • Be financially and emotionally resilient
  • Confidently handle unforeseen challenges
  • Position themselves for their next level of growth

I’m collaborative and results-driven because ultimately, your success depends on you.

Because I work holistically, I work with you and your business almost as though you were a “couple.” Whatever rocks your world, impacts the business and vice versa.

“Couples Therapy” for Your Business With the GET System

My proprietary process uses the 8 Growth Enablement Tools (GET) to uncover your unique Business Growth Style, accelerate growth, reduce stress and bring your business into harmony with your life.

Through direct personal coaching, you’ll get access to my decades of coaching experience to:

1.   GET Grounded

2.   GET Clear

3.   GET Goals

4.   GET How You Work

5.   GET Accountable

6.   GET Empowered

7.   GET Processes

8.   GET Results

This framework allows me to advise each woman on a truly individual basis.

Working with me, women have grown their businesses, brought new brands into the world, increased both revenue and profitability, and become the leaders they were meant to be.

Introducing the “Your Business/Your Life” Program

The Your Business/Your Life Program is a one-to-one, 90-day business growth coaching program based on the GET System.

You will get:

  • 10 (50-minute) targeted coaching sessions
  • Direct messenger access to Melanie for the entire 90 days
  • Personalized business growth tools & strategies
  • Private journal to get feedback between calls
  • Discounts on future coaching and events

The program is paced to your schedule and speed of implementation.

We'll start by getting a clear picture of what's happening in your business.

Then, we’ll create a top-down action plan based on your unique Business Growth Style and Momentum Builder needs.

Finally, we’ll work together to refine the system, track your progress, and get the results you want.

You can expect a high degree of accountability, support, and encouragement along the way. However, the results you get are based on the level of effort you’re willing to put in.

Scale Your Business and Reclaim Your Life

If your stress levels are at an all-time high, business growth has stalled, and you’re sensing you’ve reached the point of diminishing returns for what you can do with personal talent, grit, and passion, then it’s time to make a change.

I can trace every success I’ve had to the handful of people who walked beside me at critical moments.

I believe the same is possible for you. Click the application button below and tell me about your business.


Melanie Warren

Here’s What Clients Are Saying

"Melanie Warren has unique and immensely valuable insights into customer psychology. Couple that with her top-tier copywriting skills and you've got a massive advantage with her in your corner."

Kevin Rogers

"Melanie Warren did a great job helping us hone the offer and craft the messaging for the Titanides' Expert Positioning Mastery Course.

She's brilliant at putting herself into the position of your prospect. She can tap into their deepest desires and describe them in a way that speaks directly to their heart."

Marcella Allison

"I watched Melanie Warren's video and downloaded her ebook, and used that information to write some Facebook ads for my client. Last I checked, they already made about $1100 off $100 ad spend."

Michael Campos

Fitness Copywriter