Menopause Frozen Shoulder: 18 Proven Ways to Get Relief

Women's Health - Frozen Shoulder

Menopause frozen shoulder is a non-diagnostic way to describe frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) that specifically affects menopausal women. While we can’t say that menopause causes frozen shoulder, we do know that frozen shoulder affects people in their 40s-60s more than any other age group. Of those, 70% are women. There are several factors that can…

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3 Ways FemTech Improves Women’s Healthcare and Menopause Awareness

Making a difference in women’s healthcare and menopause awareness starts with having the right conversations at the right time. Here are 3 important ways that FemTech is reducing the stigma of menopause and helping women improve their emotional and physical well-being. 1- Treating menopause as a workforce issue just like pregnancy and childcare Menopause has…

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